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It is through decades of experience that one truly becomes a master of focus group design, recruiting, moderation, analysis and reporting. It's the same with all methods used in UX research as well. In Tom's case, this experience includes working for some of the brightest minds in marketing at the largest of research firms, agencies and end users, such as:


When your focus groups are important, you need a moderator who has "been there, done that" enough to know best practices, one with the ability to maximize ROI on every engagement. Review Five Very Important Reasons (industries, clients, projects) to use Tom on your next series of focus groups. The same applies to UX Research.



Oglethorpe University/ G.S.U.

Tom earned an academic scholarship at Oglethorpe University, and maintained a 3.3 GPA in graduate school at Georgia State University, taking every undergraduate and graduate course offered in marketing research.


Greeley Institute

Tom completed his Certified Focus Group Director (CFGD) training from Greeley Institute in 1999. This is similar to programs offered by RIVA Training Institute and Burke Institute.



While working on the client side in the New Products Research Group at Turner Broadcasting, Tom completed training in 2005 at Synectics on moderation for new product development purposes.


Moderator Training

In 2009, Tom began offering custom training to his own clients in best practices and maximizing ROI across a variety of qualitative research engagements - focus groups, usability, IDIs, etc.


tech icon Traditional Focus Groups
In-person focus groups are a time tested methodology that the largest of Fortune 500 clients use regularly. The key to ROI and value in focus groups is who is designing and conducting them - from recruiting screener and discussion guide design to moderation, analysis and reporting. It's deep expertise (or lack thereof) across each of these areas that determines if the groups are valuable and worth doing or end up costing more than the allocated time and dollars spent.
hc icon Phone/ Web Focus Groups
Phone/ web focus groups are newer, but also time tested with proven ROI. When the study parameters are right for this methodology, the benefits are lower cost, better recruiting, faster turnaround, and greater client engagement. Clients also find the phone/ web methodology superior to online bulletin boards for numerous reasons (verbal cues and tonality are absent in online only, potential delegation to spouse, kids, or staff, etc.)
comm icon Website and Mobile App Usability
Usability research is essential in website and mobile app design. Tom uses best practices that have been refined over many years from the client and supplier sides of the business. This is critical in "nuts and bolts" usability studies to more sophisticated usability engagements.
ind icon IDIs, Intercepts, Ethnography, etc.
Tom also conducts other forms of qualitative research in-person and remotely including in-depth interviews, intercept interviews, ethnographic observations, etc. Depending on the study purpose, type of respondents, and other considerations - a client may be better off using one of these methods over what they initially had in mind. This gets back to one's experience with and understanding of the full range of methods used for a given type of study.

Feedback (Client Survey - Tom vs. Other Moderators)

88% Complete (success)
Overall Satisfaction - Better with Tom 88%
Response Time - Better with Tom 100%
Proactive on Your Behalf - Better with Tom 79%
Quality of Deliverables - Better with Tom 65%
ROI on the Engagement - Better with Tom 88%

A Great Record.

Ongoing client satisfaction surveys indicate that Tom compares favorably to other moderators across numerous dimensions. Yes, it's only 20 something of Tom's large clients - but most have significant experience with other moderators (on that note, see agency client text in between focus groups...).

Tom's Smartphone (after 1st group)

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Intelligent Design

It all starts with designs that are geared to meet client needs and objectives.

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Consistent, Predictable Execution

When you have done it 1,000 times, execution in recruiting to reporting is flawless.

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Optimized Tools/ Systems

Numerous research tools have been tested and refined over the course of hundreds of studies.

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Timely Delivery

From study approval to delivery of the report, Tom can expedite the timeline.

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Audio and Video

Audio and/or video deliverables are included with traditional and remotely held groups

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Actionable Results

When design, recruiting, moderation, and analysis are optimized - reporting geared for maximum ROI is possible.

Contact Tom at 678-918-5000

2285 Peachtree Road NE, #222, Atlanta, GA 30309
678-918-5000 or info@tombeggs.com